Special Education Teachers Poem

So while browsing the internet I cam e across this super awesome poem, and thought that it went well seeings how my future job will be being a teacher to Special Needs students.


Thank you Lord, for special teachers,
Who teach the special child;
The child whose learning problems
Are anything but mild.
Thank you, for giving this teachers
The concern for each little one;
The dedication to keep on trying,
When hope seems almost gone.
Thank you for her patience,
Which is needed very much;
Although they seem so innocent,
They are a trying bunch.
With out this special teacher,
Their future would be quite dark,
But because of her special efforts,
They can have a start.
It takes special qualities
To teach these little ones.
It takes concern and dedication
And patience all around.
I’m sure that most important;
It takes a lot of love;
This is why, I know you have
A special place for them above.
Sheila Weaver

While reading this poem I felt so much comfort in knowing that I am changing the lives of so many students and inspiring them to continue on and live in their own dreams. As a special education teacher I am going to dedicate myself to my students at all times and in all places, and inform others of how awesome they make this world. Special needs students have a special place in my heart, and I hope they also have a special place in yours. They are so wonderful to work with and they always bring a smile to my face. I am looking forward to my future career!


One response to “Special Education Teachers Poem

  1. I absolutely LOVE this poem. Oh my gosh. It’s so sweet and so heartfelt, that it makes me, too, excited for my future. I know that we will make great impacts on our student’s lives. We will give them hope when it seems like they have nothing left, and when they feel alone, we’ll remind them that they are NEVER alone. I don’t mean this to brag about our career paths, but I do think that there is a special person who teaches Special Education. So many people judge special needs children/adults that it saddens me. Who are they to judge ANYONE? Especially those individuals who had no choice; who were born that way. I thank God that he made special people with disabilities, because if He hadn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you for sharing such a sweet poem!

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